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Coaching. Education. Bodywork.


Somatic Intimacy

Coaching. Education. Bodywork.

Free sensual embodiment training 

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Meet  River

I am a wild Soul that is DEEPLY passionate about PLEASURE as an activism tool for liberation and a more joyful, holistic, and fulfilling life. For me pleasure is our innate NATURE, it is who we are as children, it is the NATURE of the UNIVERSE and it is what our bodies are intelligently designed for.

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River holds vast knowledge about human sexuality, from a physiological and spiritual perspective. Through working with her, I have processed trauma that was stored in my womb, and I have more awareness of my boundaries and desires in intimacy. I highly recommend River for anyone looking to get in tune with their sensual self and improve how they navigate intimate relationships. 



Heal your sexuality. Love your body.
Expand your pleasure. 

The Shameless Woman: An experiential coaching program


Redefine your relationship with your body and sexuality, from one that is steeped in shame, fear and lack of education, to one that is empowered, embodied and ecstatic.

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Do you dare to experience all your body has to offer? Do you dare to awaken your inner lover and bask in the raw intimate vulnerability of your sensual relationship to yourself?

Our erotic energy and joy nourishes us! It fills us to the brim and connects us with our body’s wisdom and sovereignty. It’s a precious compass that awakens our ability to direct ourselves with an embodied awareness of our needs and desires, and cultivate the courage to lead from that awareness. 


The Shameless Woman is designed to help you foster an intimate relationship with your erotic that is authentic  to you. Instead of outsourcing your self love, self esteem and pleasure, this somatic coaching invites you to reclaim your power and relate to your pleasure from an internal embodied way, one that you grow yourself for  yourself. From this embodied place you can practice intimacy in a way that serves you and honors your desires and boundaries in a safe, satisfying and expansive way...a way that becomes a life long exploration.

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Reclaim your erotic sovereignty


Are you ready to awaken and heal yourself through pleasure?

The Shameless Woman is a powerful weaving of :
somatic sex education    +  women's mystery studies   +   re-wilding

I would be most honored to embark with you on this journey. If this stirs your curiosity,  I welcome you to take this step for yourself and into yourself. Schedule a free 30 min discovery call to chat and see if this program is right for you. 



Somatic Safety

The only “point” of this work is somatic safety. 


Everything else happens as an organic unfolding of coming back to the body and to our naturally sensual natures. 


An Invitation

Explore your body with open curiosity and find your VOICE,
your CHOICE and YOUR PLEASURE authentically.

 To your infinite pleasure



Gender Diversity

Though my work is focused on working with women-identified people, somatic sex education and coaching can be tremendously healing for ALL PEOPLE and ALL RELATIONSHIP dynamics.


It is a powerful cross-section bridge that touches upon all the ways we have been oppressed within constructs of: sexuality/race/gender/diverse abilities and many others. 


Free sensual embodiment training 

Get 5 powerful sensual somatic practices delivered to your inbox.   Feel more comfortable, sensual, and grounded in your body.


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