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All lovely humans that are interested in somatic intimacy coaching need to schedule a free discovery call and complete an intake form before our first session. 

Services offered on Zoom and in-person.

Somatic intimacy coaching utilizes elements of coaching and bodywork to help people embody their authentic erotic expression in a safe environment. It is based on somatic sex coaching and the base of the work revolves around embodied consent. Most of us have not been taught somatic terminology around expressing our desires and boundaries. 
A somatic intimacy coaching session serves as a safe container where we can meet our body and arousal with curiosity, presence and trust, and heal and acknowledge the shame/fear we may carry around our body, sexuality and vulnerability. 

In doing so, we can begin to heal the parts of us that are numbed or scared around arousal and start cultivating a counter normative culture where our whole body is welcomed, and erotic states are celebrated for for their pleasure, healing, healthiness and uniqueness. 

Somatic intimacy does not necessarily require erotic, or anu touch for that matter.  Though sensual massage is welcomed and available, the focus is getting in touch with an embodied sense of consent and a fell sense of safety. Experiential coaching means that we are present with what arises and what would feel safest and most nourishing to the client. There is no rush or agenda, only an invitation to practice feeling into your desires, asking for them and receiving them as fully as you can. 


Image by Nikita Tikhomirov

Somatic Intimacy Coaching 


Individual Sessions

Image by Elizabeth Love

The individual sessions vary between an hour to 2 hours and can be adjusted to zoom or in person witn the necessary precautions. 


This session focuses on fostering an atmosphere that welcomes all of you and gives you permission to ask and receive fully the kind of touch, sensation and energy that feels nourishing and pleasurable to you. 


An integral part part of our work together will be to practice consciously receiving without an agenda or a goal to reach. This can support you in melting into a greater spectrum of sensations, awakening your nerves, regulating your nervous system and learning how to circulate and expand erotic energy. 


When we take take pressure off and we welcome sensation more fully, lots of powerful unwinding of shame, grief  we hold in regards to our bodies and sexuality can occur; making space for more pleasure, joy and bliss. 

For womxn & bipoc: $150 for 60 min, $200 for 90 min, $250 for 120 min


For all other individuals: $200 for 60 min, $250 for 90 min, $300 for 120 min


Partnership Sessions

Image by Jess Bailey

Couples and partnership somatic coaching focuses on cultivation of intimacy between the clients and learning practical tools for meeting each others needs and boundaries by using the wheel of consent. 


The emphasis here will be cultivating a sense of safety, playfulness and connection between the partners.


Partnerships somatic intimacy coaching can be great for those struggling to relate intimately or for those who wish to learn pleasure skills and techniques to expand their sexual connection. 

Offered on Zoom and in-person


$300 for 90 min, $350 for 120 min

Aphrodite Sessions

Image by Jess Bailey

This session is a combination of therapeutic massage, women’s mystery studies and yoni massage. There’s many stories and shame we carry around our vaginas, most of which have a strong negative cultural connotation. 

The focus here will be to meet the yoni with reverence and curiosity and bring a loving presence and awareness to the different tissues and spots in your yoni. Yoni mapping would be a big part of this session as well as a sacred ritual to honor the incredible beauty and power of the vagina. 


Some results from this work might be increased sensation in the vagina, integration of the yoni with the rest of the body, awareness of all the different traumas, pain, grief, scar tissue, shame  and the ability to cultivate tremendous JOY, PLEASURE, SENSATION and NOURISHING PLEASURE.


 $200 for 90 min, $250 for 120 min  


Conscious Cuddling Sessions

Image by Karla Hernandez

Conscious, consensual and safe touch can do wonders for downregulating our nervous system, our emotional/mental state and our overall state of being. 


Conscious cuddling is one of my most used and favorite  tools for my overall health. The results from being held by another human being,  triggers a biological response in the body that makes us feel euphoric, connected, safe, happy, grounded and loved. 


The array of beneficial hormones and endorphins that get released during conscious cuddling help our brain switch from doing mode to being more, making us feel more in the now, present, engaged, playful and safe.  This feeling can last for days after the session, since it’s a body based process and it can also increase and become more integrated in our body with regular practice. 


I can honestly say I’m kind of addicted to the “love” hormones that conscious cuddling releases, and he inner radiance and peace it creates...and I’m pretty sure you will love it too. 


$150 for 60 min, $200 for 90 min, $250 for 120 min

Immersion Session


These 3 hours sessions is for those who feel called to have profound results and immerse themselves in the full spectrum of my somatic intimacy offerings.


The flow of this session includes embodiment mediation, sensual massage, tantric breath work and connection exercises, contact conscious movement and conscious cuddling 


This session is for all lovely humans who have had some sort of experience with therapy and/or body based practices such as yoga, dancing, massage etc. 



Womxn & BIPOC: $300

All other individuals: $400

Partnerships: $500



Image by Elizabeth Love

The Erotic Witch, a 5 week online workshop journey. Coming January 2021.


Sensual and Sovereign Circle


For all womxn who wish to  reclaim their sovereignty, sensuality and sexuality in a sacred continuer of sisterhood. We meet on Zoom. Find out more and register on our Facebook page.


This is also a great way to learn more about my work and have access to its benefits. 


Intimacy Arts We May Use

sensual massage
bossy massage
pleasure coaching
pleasure mapping
genital mapping

authentic relating

wheel of consent
tantric practices
concious cuddling
tantric practices

sacred sensuality

nervous system co-regulation
embodiment arts 
embodied consent practice
somatic sex education
erotic anatomy education

body honoring rituals

movement arts




In an effort to make this work more accessible and inclusive to the BIPOC Community, I am offering partial reparation scholarships. Please contact me for more details.



Free sensual embodiment training

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An Invitation

Explore your body with open curiosity and find your VOICE,
your CHOICE and YOUR PLEASURE authentically.

 To your infinite pleasure


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Pleasure is your Blueprint.

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