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She is me Poem

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

She comes alive when I notice her

She is me and I am her

Inseparable on this most sacred journey 

Of life

She is my body

The temple of my being 

How could I not worship her

How could I not love


The map of my life

My pleasures, heartbreaks, 

Getting lost and being found 

Smiling, crying, orgasming 

She is grounded stardust 

Into flesh 

She is the reason why I can be here

Writing this

Feeling this

Being this

Being in this body that holds all of me

How could I hold all of her

In love and possession and reverence 

How could I touch her in ways 

That let her know that

With every breath 

Until the last one

She is me

And I am her

My body. 

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