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Sacred Feminine Worksho

Sacred Feminine Workshop: Discovering Your Worth

We all lose our way sometimes, and then sometimes, we become disconnected. At times, all of us struggle with accepting ourselves as we are flaws and all, and sometimes we find ourselves in a dark place feeling alone and worthless. The Sacred Feminine Workshop is here for you and with tools like the Sacred Arts Workshop, so is hope, a better way, and truth.


While the Sacred Arts Workshop will also involve reconnecting with the sisterhood of us, it is also designed specifically around you and your journey. At the Sacred Feminine Workshop, you will remember the value of being a woman, the gifts you have, and all that you have to offer the world around you. If you have been feeling disconnected, less than alive, or even lost, we can help.


There is one message that you need to hear and one truth that we will help you know - "you are sacred." At Mystic Intimacy , you will remember how beautiful you are, how incredible your body is, and what it means to be a woman - again. There is something that we have that no other animal or any other sex has, our bodies. Our bodies have an innate compass, they have the power of healing, they are resilient, and we will help you remember - that you are beautiful too.


If you want to know more about Mystic Intimacy , or if you want to reconnect maybe for the first time, with your feminine, then reach out to Mystic Intimacy  today. You aren't alone and you have a body that wants to help you, heal you, lead you, and it is beautiful. Don't worry, you just haven't heard it enough yet and you might not realize it either. Let's fix that - and so much more.

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