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Somatic Intimacy and Sacred Menstruation

Finding Peace, Rest, and Strength with Conscious Touch and Sensual Touch

At Mystic Intimacy , conscious touch and sensual touch plays a vital role in helping women heal, recover, and reconnect. With conscious touch and sensual touch, the goal is to unlock the hidden, buried, smothered, and unrealized power, beauty, and potential it holds. Our bodies have been objectified by the mass media. Our beauty has been monetized for profit, and our value has been demeaned and buried beneath tradition, bias, and fictitious and shameful standards.


With conscious touch and sensual touch, women can begin the work of getting back to their truth, their beauty, and the standards they set for themselves. That freedom and this empowerment, however, often begins with a process of healing. How many years has your spirit been fed lies about your beauty? How many times have you heard that you weren't smart enough, strong enough, or capable? How many times have you experienced body shaming? Yes, there is healing to be done.


Conscious touch and sensual touch are tools that we use at Mystic Intimacy  as part of that healing process, beginning with the body. We allow your body, with principles steeped in the somatic, to heal. Our therapies help us to uncover and touch pain points, so we can let go and be free from the shackles of lies, shaming, and sexism. There is more beauty in you than you see. There is more strength within you than you can remember, and there are endless possibilities - for you. We also offer workshops and programs on somatic intimacy and sacred menstruation to help you honor your body's need to slow down and reconnect with feminine wisdom.


Whether you come to us for conscious touch and sensual touch or to learn more about somatic intimacy and sacred menstruation, get ready to experience the woman who you have imagined - the woman that somewhere in your core you know you are. Your journey, your therapy, and your experience with Mystic Intimacy  will be tailored, around you and for you. Together, we can realize all that we are and begin to live the life we have always deserved.

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