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The Shameless Woman



Who would you be if you cherished your body just as it is?

Welcome to the Shameless Woman,  an online intimacy coaching program, that supports women in breaking the cultural spell of shaming their bodies and disconnecting from their erotic selves.

What if your body was a sacred temple and your pleasure the prayer to the Universe? Who would you be if you broke the spell of your body being something to fix, but instead something to honor, something to cherish JUST AS IT IS. Who would you be if you gave just as much energy and time to your own  nourishment,  as you give to others, work and responsibilities? How would your life be different if you knew how yes and no felt in your body and you honored that wisdom? Who would you be,  if you remembered that pleasure is you BLUEPRINT?

Break the spell of body shaming


I created this program because I love women, and through circling and sitting in ceremony with them, I became increasingly aware that it is hard for most women to love their body fully and express or even be aware of what they desire erotically. Most women I trained with were very good at giving, but struggled receiving, which in turn created fatigue, disconnection from the sweetness of life and unbalanced intimacy dynamics.  

Most of us are taught to live our life in a constant blur of chores AND never ending to do lists. We may get some crumbs of pleasure here and there, if we have time, if we deem we have been productive enough; and even then, the time we allow ourselves is rushed, tired and with an agenda. We may even feel guilty for giving ourselves permission to do something pleasurable, something for our nourishment, something just for the sake of joy and play.  THIS IS THE SPELL, a multigenerational and multifaceted conditioning system that stems from historical trauma, violence, lack of education, religious manipulation, cultural and media conditioning, and a consumer driven platform that thrives when we hate our bodies.

Victor Schtember
diego-martins-5eak6obkvbs-unsplash (1).j

"I experienced unwinding and healing of trauma and renewal of my self-advocacy skills. I feel integrated in my body and heart and settled in my mind.



Embody your sensuality


Our erotic energy and joy nourishes us! It fills us to the brim and connects us with our body’s wisdom and sovereignty. It’s a precious compass that awakens our ability to direct ourselves with an embodied awareness of our needs and desires, and cultivate the courage to lead from that awareness. 


The Shameless Woman is designed to help you foster an intimate relationship with your erotic that is authentic  to you. Instead of outsourcing your self love, self esteem and pleasure, this somatic coaching invites you to reclaim your power and relate to your pleasure from an internal embodied way, one that you grow yourself for  yourself. From this embodied place you can practice intimacy in a way that serves you and honors your desires and boundaries in a safe,  satisfying and expansive way...a way that becomes a life long exploration.

A sexually empowered woman has always been too much for some, who are afraid of her power, of who she would be if she honored  herself fully and dared to ask for what she wants.

When we reclaim, piece by piece our erotic sovereignty, we reclaim the pieces of ourselves that make us feel more whole, more alive and more empowered.  We do so for ourselves and for all the ones who couldn't before us. We do for other women to come, so they may feel safer in their body and less shameful of their pleasure. It is powerful work, 


it is activism work, it is the work that must be done if we want to feel more at home in our bodies and create a more joyful world.


Experience pleasure that is healing


Transform your relationship with your sexuality from shame to ecstasy


The Shameless Woman is an educational experiential coaching program that will help you redefine your relationship with your body and sexuality, from one that is steeped in shame, fear and lack of education, to one that is empowered, embodied and ecstatic.

The Shameless Woman

A powerful weaving of: 
somatic sex education
women's mystery studies 



It is for all humans who identify as women.

I would be most honored to embark with you on this journey. If this stirs your curiosity,  I welcome you to take this step for yourself and into yourself. Schedule a free 30 min discovery call to chat and see if this program is right for you. 


Are you ready to awaken and heal yourself through pleasure?


Heal your sexuality. Love your body.Expand your pleasure. 











Outcomes you can expect

Experience your erotic energy as a sacred and healing innate force, instead of experiencing it through the external lens of patriarchy.  

Embody of your somatic consent, and cultivate  more present, fulfilling and connected intimate relationship. 

Expand your capacity to feel pleasure and safety, and deepen your ability to connect with ecstasy in every day life.


Learn sustainable ways to invite more sensuality into your life even if you are busy as a mom and/or with life's constant demands.

Feel confident in exploring and expressing your needs and desires for more fulfilling and juicy intimacy. 

Feel more at home and at ease in your body just as she is right now.


Cultivate a positive, yummy and embodied relationship to your s.exual energy.  


Who is your guide?

IMG_2821 (1) (1).jpeg

What I love about working with pleasure arts is how raw it is. We are most vulnerable when we are intimate...most human. Pleasure work opens gateways to other parts pf ourselves, usually the more tender ones, the neglected ones, the most alive and authentic ones. 


Pleasure reminds us that we are indeed part of a cosmic web of beauty and benevolence that wants us to feel joyous and ecstatic. The blueprint of pleasure is housed within each and every sacred body and it truly an honor for me to help you re-discover that.

I  look forward to embarking on this most sacred journey with you.

To your infinite pleasure


How it works

The following gates serve as frames for the different stages we traverse as we move deeper into how you relate to your sexuality. 


I developed the gates to flow from micro to macro, leaning into our own sexual nature first, then sharing that with others, and then ultimately realizing our sensual nature mirrors the Universal nature, i like to think of it as making love to ourselves, to others and ultimately to the universe. 


It feels important to start with our own body because that is where our somatic wisdom lays and it is important to cultivate access to that before engaging with others. 


However, working with sexuality is a multifaceted experience, often non linear and surprising. Some clients may need to spend more sessions in one gate, whereas others may switch back and forth. There is no right and wrong way. 

The gates are meant to be anchors, containers for safety. They provide structure and direction but they are also flexible enough to allow for the experience of healing and pleasure to unfold organically in each session. 




The Lover


The lover touches themselves with consciousness, reverence and love. 

The Lover is the platform upon which the foundation of Venus Rising is built. It is the first gate of embodying your sensuality in a safe and authentic way. The first gate is all about your own erotic exploration, the awakening of your inner lover. Through a focus on meditation, and embodiment arts,  you start feeling your body and making space for all that arises. Through guided breath, movement  and self touch exercises, you awaken the inner lover. You learn how to listen to your body from moment to moment, and touch yourself with consciousness, reverence, and love. 


The Lover is about cultivating a strong primary relationship with yourself, a sanctuary of nourishment and pleasure that you can go back to, time and time again, to replenish and connect with your own erotic energy and feel loved, held and alive. 

The Queen asks, gives and receives in harmony. 

The Queen is the second gate, where we meet our desires, boundaries and fears more fully. Having built upon our exploration with our inner lover, we continue delving deeper into our bodies and learning to use our voice to express and ask for our needs and desires. The Queen asks, gives and receives in harmony. Here we learn to receive and give in full heart, guided by embodied consent. 


By practicing intimacy relating games and sensual self massage we learn the art of establishing a container for ourselves that feels edgy, but safe, in which our pleasure and erotic exploration is welcomed and celebrated.. Arousal anatomy. 


We patiently and with much tenderness, acknowledge the fears around asking for what we need, and make space for that exquisite vulnerability. We practice dearmoring so we may receive more fully what we desire. You learn arousal anatomy so you can be more empowered in accessing sensation and creating a pleasure map for your yoni that is loving, stimulating and honoring.  


The Queen is meant to give you a solid foundation with your own internal lover, and give you intimacy tools to take into the world, and practice with yourself, lovers and partners. 

The Priestess seeks not to transcend sexuality but embody it fully.

The priestess is the Holy Gate, the bridge between sexuality and spirit. In this expanded version you would have fostered an intimate relationship with your own sexuality and learned how to  access pleasure within yourself. By passing through the second gate you have begun to become aware of what consent feels like in your body and learned how to practice intimacy with others in an authentic way by connecting to your desires, needs and boundaries.


In this final Gate pleasure transforms from something we do, to something we are. Having started by taking ourselves as a lover, we now take the Universe as a lover, consciously staying open to sensations and opportunities for pleasure. Our spiritual practice becomes seeing how much pleasure we allow ourselves to feel in everyday life; like lovers who steal kisses in between busy moments,  we learn to make conscious love to the Universe, by integrating Eros in our Life. 


Having rewired our neural-pathways to orient toward what feels good and nourishing, we now begin to sensitize our nerves, skin and tissues even more and build a resilient nervous system that can hold higher degrees of sensation and be more resourced when faced with stress. Our erotic exploration continues, and we use our sexual energy to balance our being, alchemize stress, manifest desires and commune with the Divine. The Priestess regulates ner nervous system through pleasure and intimacy arts and knows her body, her fluids and her pleasure are sacred elements of the Divine. She prays with her body, and her yoni is a sacred temple of connection, orgasmic sensation, guidance and creativity. This journey includes tantric practices, dance  prayers, erotic meditations, sensitizing pleasure techniques and an introduction to eco sensuality. 


The Priestess is liberated from shame and she embodies her sensuality freely, giving others permission to do the same. She has transmuted some of the collective shame around our bodies  and she is connected to the inherent Eros in Nature. She seeks not to transcend sexuality, but embody it fully.

What you will get: 




12 private somatic intimacy sessions to support your unique journey (an hour each)


 access to me between sessions

12 somatic practices to help you integrate our work together into your life

1 sacred feminine ritual we co-create at the end of the program  

resources to help you feel resourced in continuing to deepen your connection to your sacred sexuality during and  after finishing the program 

Discount price for The Erotic Witch in person Retreat  (tbd)

access to the Shameless Woman sisterhood container  

Financial Investment:




The Queen



The Priestess


Pay in full $3000


3 installments of $1000

6 installments of 500

Ready to answer the call?

I offer a free 30 minute discovery call to answer any questions and feel into the possibility of working together. 

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Pleasure is your Blueprint.


Free sensual embodiment training

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