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Womens Coaching Workshops

Discover Your Beauty with Women's Coaching Workshops

Through women's coaching workshops, I get the joy of watching women uncover and access a bliss, guidance, and power they have never known or that they have long since forgotten. Reconnecting with that source, our bodies, is what the Mystic Intimacy  feminine rewilding workshop is all about.


The happiness we have forgotten in the wonder of our bodies. The beauty we have been shamed for in the amazing design of the female body - our body, your body. The strength, resilience, and wisdom of our bodies in their inclination and the ability for self-healing. This is who we are as women, all of us. We are more powerful than we know, wiser than we realize, and we are capable of more than we can imagine.


The Mystic Intimacy  women's coaching workshops will help you to imagine those possibilities. And our feminine rewilding workshop will help you to discover those qualities in yourself, so you can begin to live those possibilities. Using the sacred art of sisterhood, techniques grounded in the somatic, and with the aid of intimacy coaching, you will realize again the beauty in your strength, the beauty in your healing, and the beauty in who you are.


If you are ready to find yourself for the first time or rediscover the you that you once knew, and who you know you were meant to be, contact Mystic Intimacy  and begin the journey of discovery on the road of intimacy today. Our bodies are the gateway and a source of more insight, understanding, and healing than we know. Unlock that gateway and begin your journey now. The woman you know you are is waiting.

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